The Three Sisters Trilogy

Book One

She didn't know that she needed saving until he came along...


Norah Fox is the proud owner of Three Sisters Bakery. To those who don’t know her, she’s a happy, successful businesswoman. She’s created the idyllic life for herself, but appearances are very deceiving; and Norah can’t forget her past. How can she when the name of her business reminds her of the sisters she lost at the age of nine.

Ben Woods has the perfect life. A gorgeous fiancée, great friends, and a job he worked hard to get. Things couldn’t get any better…until things go very wrong. He’s only just caught his breath when he has to go all ‘Superman’ and save a woman from a madman in a pub.

Luck may have brought them together, but will a change in luck help Norah find out what really happened to her sisters? And can it help Ben to move on from his past?


 Fate has given them both a tough ride, but will finding each other bring the new start they both need?

Book TWO

When it comes to matters of the heart, Lottie doesn't have the best of luck.


Having recently found her long-lost sister, Lottie has a lot to be thankful for. Despite not remembering her life before her parents were tragically killed in a car accident, Lottie feels a deep connection to her sister, Norah. Now, the two of them have an important task, finding their baby sister, Ivy, to complete their family. 

Having encountered some of Norah's turbulent past, Lottie has much more than DNA in common with her sister- they both make terrible decisions when it comes to adventures of the heart. But her brief encounter with Ethan, a sexy stranger who rushed into her florist on opening night, has stayed with her. Can she put aside her trust issues and start something new?

But the past doesn't stay where it should, and Lottie and her sister find they still have a fight on their hands. Can they overcome the ghosts of the past to seek the happiness they truly deserve?