Love 'is certainly' in Bloom!

April 09, 2020

So, after my writing break, I'm back in the world of Ethan and Lottie! This book has come to me so quickly that I'm about 15 chapters away from finishing it. I've written over a half of the book in three weeks! I'm hoping to have it complete before the end of lockdown so that I don't have a mad rush when I go back to work and college.

New books series is on its way!

January 01, 2020

Now that the Serendipity Series is done *cries a little*, I knew I wanted to write a series about three sisters. And then the Three Sisters Trilogy was born and I'm well on the way to completing all three in quick time! 

Book 1 will be out soon, so please keep an eye out! Here's the cover! How pretty is it? 

Change of Plan

September 16, 2018

Change of Plan - Serendipity Series book 4

Returned release!

October 07, 2018

coming soon


October 14, 2018

Before release - Pendle Hill Novella


October 21, 2018

Change - Pendle Hill book 2

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