Serendipity Series




Follow a 20 'something' group of friends who aren't looking for love, they already have WAY too much drama in their lives... but when the men come along, how can a woman refuse? 


Love seems to find them in the best kind of way!



A series that will leave you wanting more!



Book 1 - Hope at Christmas

With only 25 days left until Christmas day, Hope makes the rash decision to quit her job. After a weekend wallowing in self pity, she takes this new opportunity to finally get the job she’s always wanted...only she doesn’t know what she wants to do... She doesn’t think her life can get any worse. 

Until she throws coffee on a stranger. 

Having finally told his parents that he planned to never follow his father’s footsteps in business, Daniel’s morning didn’t start out that well either. 

Until a woman throws coffee on him.

This chance meeting sets off a chain of events. A wedding. Downton Abbey. The roaring 20s...and a drunk, sexually frustrated cousin. Neither of them are prepared for this connection, but when does romance ever run a smooth course? With secrets and exes throwing road blocks their way, will it all become too much and end their blossoming romance before it’s even begun? 

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Book 2 - Dating Rules

IZZY 3D.jpg

Losing control is not an option for Izzy Shaw, something past experience has taught her. When you’re not in control, bad things happen. So when Parker Cole comes bustling into her life with his carefree manner, no full time job and his terrible Hawaiian shirts, she knows she should stay away.

For Parker, seeing Izzy at Penelope’s wedding stirred something in him. Izzy intrigues him. She’s attracted to him but she holds back and she doesn’t realise he sees this as a challenge. Usually when he wants something, he goes for it.

For Izzy, being attracted to a man and allowing herself to act upon it is defined by her rules. She lives by her rules, they protect her...


Parker is a rule breaker.

Over the course of 10 dates Parker has to persuade Izzy that he’s worth the risk, he has to persuade her that sometimes life doesn’t have to be all about rules, sometimes you have to walk on the edge to really appreciate living...

He will prove this to her, one date at a time

Book 3 - Cupcakes & Chaos

LACEY 3D.jpg

Lacey loves the life she’s built for herself, but she’s had dreams of travel and modelling for as long as she can remember… But this couldn’t be her dream because Malcolm was involved. And now here she is, facing yet more issues when it comes to him.


For one, she’d jumped on a plan to New York on New Year’s Day.


Because he’d asked.


And two, she’d drunk too much and had thrown up, everywhere.


Because thoughts of him wouldn’t leave her, and he made her nervous.


Can Lacey enjoy the dream she’s finally living, even if Malcolm is the one offering her the opportunity? She knows where the attraction between the two of them may lead, but can she leave him behind once the work is finished, or will Malcolm fight his way into her heart?


Book 4 - Change of Plan

Penelope hadn’t planned on getting pregnant.


But now that she is, her plan includes a water birth, calming candles and music. It also includes keeping the baby far away from her controlling mother.


With her mother interfering in her life and demanding she has a sophisticated baby shower with her snobbish friends, Penelope takes charge and organises a week in London…two weeks before her due date. 


What could possibly go wrong?


Theatre plays, crazy golf and fake celebrities are planned, but she should know by now that plans don’t always work out. And when she goes into labour far away from home, does it really matter that she can’t have the water birth and whale music…? What she needs is a hospital, and her husband here with her.


With her friends rallied around her, she’s about to add a baby to the baby shower, and thanks to the drugs, she’s even happy her mother is here.


It’s time to meet Baby Wilson.


Book 5 - Opposites Attract

PAIGE 3D.jpg

Paige has never had much luck with men.

She’d caught her ex-boyfriend doing the naughty with another woman in the pub toilets. Then she’d found her recent ex-boyfriend in bed with her own (married) sister.

Clearly, Paige and relationships don’t mix well. She knew that fact when she met Sam at Penelope and Mark’s wedding, but she can’t help the feeling of wanting something more. It’s every woman’s dream to be whisked off their feet by a man, isn’t it?

And she believes her luck is in when Sam whisks her off to Vegas. Except, the romantic getaway involves his three friends.


And drinking games.


And an Elvis featured wedding.


Their wedding.

Now she has a husband and he’d never wanted to be her boyfriend. Can they make a relationship work when it had never begun?

Book 6 - Kiss the Bride

KISS 3D.jpg

Hope doesn’t have the best track record with weddings, she’d nearly wrecked Penelope’s with horse issues and food poisoning, but one person can’t be that unlucky, surely?


With the wedding only weeks away, it’s hard to believe that all her friends are loved up and there will be another pitter-patter of tiny feet soon. Her only wish is for Frank to find someone after losing Jake, and then all will be perfect in her life.


A wedding starts a new chapter in her life with Daniel, she just hopes it goes smoother than the last chapter, but when job issues come along, a blast from the past appears in her life, and her dad’s new girlfriend presents problems… Hope feels like it could be another bumpy ride.


Will the wedding of the year go without a hitch or will it be a repeat of the previous Christmas where she lost everything?